Industrial Eclectic Home Design Style Characteristics To Inspire

Industrial Eclectic Home Design Style Characteristics To Inspire eclectic home design style characteristics to inspire |

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. Key Traits Of Industrial Interior Design. It’s About Selecting Pieces That Are As Much About Function As Style. It’s Industrial Interior Design, And Today’s Post Celebrates This Growing Trend. Used In Loft Apartments, Modern Homes And Commercial Spaces Around The World, Industrial Design Showcases Neutral Tones, Utilitarian Objects, And Wood And Metal Surfaces. Eclectic Home Design Style Characteristics. Pay Attention To The Scale And Proportions And Mix And Match Different Textures. It’s Easier To Imagine Everything When You Have A Clean Background. Also, Don’t Be Afraid To Create Bold Focal Points And Accent Pieces. If You Need Some Inspiration, Here Are A Few Examples. With Its Raw, Utilitarian Appeal, Industrial Style Gives Modern Homes A Sophisticated Edge. Padded Pieces Should Be Simple And Free Of Frills — Nothing Breaks The Tension Of Industrial Décor Like An Overstuffed Wing Chair Or A Tufted Ottoman. Choose Solid Upholstery In Natural Textures And Neutral Colors..

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