32 Vintage Viscount Caravan Ideas With Boho Interior

Painting the exterior needs a bit of know-how, since for the best results you must spray paint. Rather than having a white or cream coloured exterior you might have something multi-coloured or one created to coordinate with the colour of your car the chances are endless. Check the running gear If you intend to take your vintage van on the street, it’s going to have to pass a registration test.

Before you begin your caravan restoration undertaking, give significant thought to how much you are able to realistically do yourself, and what tasks you’re going to should farm out to others. Last Notes Painting a camper interior isn’t a weekend project. Very good luck and make certain you send us some pics.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for funky caravan accessories for your caravan or RV, there are a few attractive choices. If you’re searching for a complete caravan annex, try out a secondhand 3×3 metres awning. It would be well worth taking your caravan to the closest public weighbridge to inspect the new weight of your caravan to make sure that you continue to be within the legal towing limits of your vehicle.

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